I have appeared in many GGG German Goo Girl films by John Thompson / GGG Kirie by Pentagram Productions. I also video loads of my own amateur movies and clips containing scenes from most of my escorting meets, gang-bangs and dogging, also remember you can star in porn with me by filming our escort meet for free!

German Goo Girls (GGG)

GGG – Cum Hits Killer Boobs
GGG – Cum Tempest
GGG – Boobs Cum Party
GGG Devot – Cum & Piss
GGG – Bukkake Best of 25
Kirie Extreme – Creampie in Nature
Kirie Extreme – 100 Sticky Cum Scenes
Kirie Extreme – Kiries Creampie Slag Graduation
Kirie Extreme – Nature Sperm Bitch
Kirie Extreme – Bitch to clean syringes
GGG Kirie – Frozen Sperm Party
GGG Kirie – A Wank in the Woods
GGG Kirie – Hey Member Would You Gang Fuck Me?
GGG Kirie – Night Vision Nature Sex
GGG Kirie – Kirie’s Kamikaze Bukkake
GGG Kirie – Kiries Bukkake Dogging
GGG Kirie – Facial Sperm Trash
GGG Kirie – Kirie’s Hurricane of Sperm

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