Cum Tempest

My huge boobs, bright red lips and high count of hard guys circulating are the perfect conditions for a cum tempest. my bright red lips part and mouth open wide for a downpour of moist cum, before my Englisg pussy is given a battering down.

My giant boobs, red lips and joined by countless stiff dicks! The perfect conditions for a hurricane of semen, a “cum tempest” which empties into my mouth in a flash – while the friendly fuckers thunder their dicks into my greedy English pussy like a flash in a thunderstorm! I am such a total cum whore and am left asking for more!


Author: Kirie

Genuine bareback and creampie escort for any hole raw use, cunt, anal & mouth are all open for cum, slut sex whore. Published German Goo Girl (GGG) porn star From UK.

3 thoughts on “Cum Tempest”

  1. Hi Kirie, I loved watching how you took all those guys loads but are left wanting more, you’re such a spunk slag! I would love to see you do more “Goo” porn, so do you plan on doing any more GGG videos? Nig xxx

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