Escort Tour Diary Early 2017

View my escort tour location and dates calendar, a diary (Jan-Mar 2017) detailing the places and dates which I will be visiting.

For those of you who frequently ask about my tour location and dates, the following escorting tour diary (Jan-Mar 2017) details the places where and when I will be visiting.

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Friday 6th January 2017 – Bradford, West Yorkshire: 121’s from £30 – Tit wank, facial, barrack, spunk up any hole, cunt, arse or mouth, watersports and piss in pussy, also party and gangbang!

£30 121 TITWANK & FACIAL: Oil up my huge fake tits, fuck my plumpers before shooting your huge load on my slut face.

£40 RAW CUM IN PUSSY: Raw pussy penetration, deep fucking and cunt breeding.

£50 BARE A-LEVELS: Raw arse fucking, hard & fast before loading my anus up with your spooge!

£60 ALL-HOLE PARTY: No hole’s off-limits – Choose any hole… Raw fuck and unload in vag, butt or gob.

£80 WATERSPORTS & PISS DRINKING: Drink your piss before or after bareback till completion in any opening.

£100 PISS IN PUSSY + FULL BAREBACK: Raw penetration and watersports – Piss in my cunt as you’re fucking me raw – before or after ejaculation.

GANGBANG 1PM £60: All services, all holes open for business, looking to get well used by 6-8 guys.


Anal Sex Record – 51 Guys in Glasgow

51 bareback Glasgow punters broke my raw anal sex record. The Scottish spunkers continuous raw anal, saw me take a massive load of 2 pints of your spunk inside my anus during my recent bareback escort tour to Scotland.

After a recent visit to Glasgow, during me escort tour of Scotland, I broke my record for the number of anal bareback punters had in a single day.

My previous anal anal bareback was 48, but thats to the lovely Glaswegian raw cocks, and no thanks to the the traffic problems due to diesel spillage on the M74, which meant I was late and missed a few guys – I managed to break the record by getting my arse raw fucked continuously, one after another by a total of 51 guys.

It was such good fun and I hope it’s a record I break again soon, the feeling of whoring my ass unprotected for 12-16 hours non-stop, getting my anal barebacked by one guy before the next does the same with my ass nicely lubed up with the previous spunkers load.

I took a real filling as my ass received a filling with 2 pints of your sperm.

Thank you Glasgow!

Nottingham Bareback Escort & Gangbang + Piss & Ass Fetish!

Boob, Oral & Facial = £30

Cum to oil my tits get your cock sucked (OWO) and when you’re ready take aim at my slutty face and shoot your muck over me. Film it all on your mobile for free.

Raw Cunt Quicky = £40

Raw pussy penetration, enjoy my full bareback service, including a cunt creampie, plus BJ, tit wank, CIM. Plus free entry to 6:30pm gangbang or come back after for a free BJ/facial.

Raw Ass + Anal Pie = £60

Raw ass fuck me before pumping my tight shitter full up with you spunky load inside. Plus free entry to my 6:30pm gangbang or a free BJ/Facial afterwards.

Watersports = £80

Pussy or anal bareback and spunk pie any hole. Piss fun includes pissing on me, my cunt or in my mouth and receive my golden shower which you quench your thirst with by drinking.

Drink Your Pee = £90

As above just add £10 if you would like me to swallow your pee.

Extreme Anal Fetish = £100

Enjoy all services above, bareback, pussy and arse creampie, watersports/peeing, before feasting on my bowel, the contents will include real punters sperm who have enjoyed my anal raw and creampied up there during the day – 3pm Only!

Gangbang = £60

I will be holding just the single gangbang in Derby at 2:30pm, where you will get to fuck any hole, bareback & creampie sex, oral, facials, double penetration, spunk as many times as you want for up to an hour.

Derby Bareback, Piss & “A” + Gang Bangs

On Thursday 11th August 2016 I will be in Derby offering all services throughout the day plus 2 gang bangs. Choose bareback, creampie, cunt or arse, BJ/CIM, facial, watersports plus more for my devoted anal fetish fans.

BJ, Tit Wank & Facial = £30

A quickie 15 minute meet to oil up my big boobs before sandwiching your cock in between them for a titty wank until you shoot your spunk all over my face. You can film your meet on your mobile for free.

Bareback Quickies = £40

Cum in my cunt, enjoy full bareback service plus BJ, tit wank, CIM and you get free entry to my 6:30pm gangbang or alternatively get a free BJ/facial.

Raw Anal Sex = £60

Arse fuck me raw and even deposit your spunky load inside my anus. You also get free entry to my 6:30pm gangbang or a free BJ/Facial.

Watersports = £80

Enjoy full bareback service plus creampie in my cunt or arse before pissing on my, on my cunt or in my mouth and receive my golden shower.

Piss Drinking = £90

As above just add £10 if you would like me to drink your piss too.

Extreme Anal Fetish = £100

The full Kirie fetish experience! Enjoy all services including raw fucking, pie any hole, piss on each other, including swallowing, before the prize of receiving the contents of my colon which will include all the loads my punters have deposited in my arse – 3pm & 7pm Only!

Any Hole Bare Gangbangs = £60

Gangbangs at 2:30pm and 6:30pm, any hole for full bareback & creampie sex, oral, facials, double penetration, spunk as many times as you want for up to an hour. If you attend the 2:30 bang you can come back at 6:30 for FREE!

London – £10 Bareback, Gangbangs & Sex Dungeon

On Thursday 18th August 2016 I will be in London (Greenwich, New Cross & Hounslow) to celebrate ten years of being a escort on, and to mark the occasion I will offering bareback for £10 just like I did when I started out as a bareback wore – I will be in Greenwich for one on one meets, before having a gangbang then at New Cross Sex Dungeon before a final group bang in Hounslow.

All Day Birthday Bareback – £10

From 10am I will be offering my raw cunt for non-stop barebacking and receiving of sperm, simply come along to Shooters Hill, use my raw whore cunt, dump your cum in me all for a tenner a pop, you can come as many times as you want during the day for just ten quid a go!

Greenwich Gang Bang – £10

By the tram line in Greenwich from 6:00pm for the first gangbang of the day, once again it’s only £10 per person for you to tag team my spunk greedy fuck hole with your stiff bareback dicks, use me a a cum dumpster to ensure I stink of raw sex, used and semen flavoured read to head off to my next breeding session.

New Cross Dungeon Bang – £10

Join me at 7:00pm at the sex dungeon on New Cross Road, the perfect bareback raw breeding zone for more utter filth and creampie fillings, leave my used gang raw and filled to the brim, overflowing with your mess.

Hounslow Gang Bang – £10

The finale will be an extreme cunt fucking gang banging In Hounslow, West London (TW3) at 10:00pm, perfect for sloppy devotees, group bang my slut hole which will be a real state after a full day of bare sex and swilling with ism, if you like to use a well-used whore then this is your final opportunity of the day in London.

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Bedford 121’s & Gangbangs

Bedford Monday 8th August 2016 from 9:30am to 9:00pm for quickie one-to-one escort meets, raw anal and cunt sex, creampie finish, BJ and facials, rimming, felching and watersports sessions, plus 2 “fuck any hole” gangbangs.

SPECIAL OFFER Tits & Facial = £30

15 Minute quickie meet for oiled boobs huge tits titty wank until you shoot your spunk all over my face. You can film the meet on your mobile for free so that you can watch and wank off to it at a later date.

Bareback Quickies = £40

Bareback my whore cunt and fill it with your spunk, enjoy BJ, tit wank, CIM and you can even come back later in the day for a free BJ/facial.

Raw Arse Fucking = £60

Bareback my raw arse hole with your bare dick and fuck it hard before filling my anus up with your hot spunk. Plus you also get a free evening meet for a sloppy BJ/Facial.

Bareback & Watersports = £80

Raw fuck my cunt or arse including any hole creampie then piss on my face and in my mouth before sucking my golden shower out of my piss hole, which you are welcome to drink.

Rimming, Felching & Pissing = £100

Raw pussy or arse sex before summing inside me and enjoy some rimming and fisting my arse plus felching, my butt will contain my previous punters spunk, then why not cover me in piss then drink my golden shower before the finale when I empty the contents of my ass on you, which you can eat of you want!

Fuck Any Hole Gangbangs £60

Gangbangs at 1:30pm and 6:30pm, any hole for raw sex, full bareback and creampie service, oral, facials, spunk as many times as you want for up to an hour.