Anal Sex Record – 51 Guys in Glasgow

51 bareback Glasgow punters broke my raw anal sex record. The Scottish spunkers continuous raw anal, saw me take a massive load of 2 pints of your spunk inside my anus during my recent bareback escort tour to Scotland.

After a recent visit to Glasgow, during me escort tour of Scotland, I broke my record for the number of anal bareback punters had in a single day.

My previous anal anal bareback was 48, but thats to the lovely Glaswegian raw cocks, and no thanks to the the traffic problems due to diesel spillage on the M74, which meant I was late and missed a few guys – I managed to break the record by getting my arse raw fucked continuously, one after another by a total of 51 guys.

It was such good fun and I hope it’s a record I break again soon, the feeling of whoring my ass unprotected for 12-16 hours non-stop, getting my anal barebacked by one guy before the next does the same with my ass nicely lubed up with the previous spunkers load.

I took a real filling as my ass received a filling with 2 pints of your sperm.

Thank you Glasgow!

Author: Kirie

Genuine bareback and creampie escort for any hole raw use, cunt, anal & mouth are all open for cum, slut sex whore. Published German Goo Girl (GGG) porn star From UK.

13 thoughts on “Anal Sex Record – 51 Guys in Glasgow”

    1. Exactly this skank is HIV positive I would no go near the tramp utterly disgusting and possibly mentally unstable!
      Any guy that stuffs this will be given a death sentence

  1. Does none of these punters, realise that going bareback with these type of party girls as well as oral sex your risking your life, AIDS WILL KILL YOU & it’s a slow death. Most males love a horny good looking female I agree but STD,s are very nasty & spread like a wild fire. I wonder how many of these punters are passing on nasty things to there wives, & partners. It’s your life use it as you wish & when your cock is oozing a green discharge of gonerea remember this, WAS IT WOURTH IT, ?.

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    1. I agree this filthy diseased skank should be shut down God knows how many stds and AIDS she’s passing on any guy that has sex with this freak will get AIDS hope the police shut her filthy diseases asshole down

  2. Just for your info, there is a super strain of antibiotic resistant ghonerea making its way up the country and its nasty bastards like this who are spreading it. If you get it you are fucked.

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  3. Personal choice and preference…sounds amazing to me….would love ❤ to have a go….suppose it depends if she gets tested and how often…..i’d love to clean every cock as it pulls out of her arse after cumming up her…that would be amazing

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